Planting (Softscaping)

Planting and Softscaping ServicesAdd beauty and color to your property with plantings from The Tree Connection. We work with the best local nurseries to hand select the highest quality plants, shrubs and flowers to fit with your property’s specific conditions and design elements.

Softscaping comprises the horticultural elements of landscaping. Softscape elements are generally complemented by hardscape design features, such as stone walls, patios or walkways.

All aspects of softscaping are considered with any plant installation. We incorporate native plantings that provide year-round interest in your garden, featuring multi-season foliage and habitats for local wildlife, such as birds or butterflies.

Native plant installations are usually heartier and provide the best results for your softscaping project. We have suggestions for every landscaping situation – from full sun to full shade, sandy soil to clay.

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